Fried, Fattening and Fun: 5 Fried Fair Foods You Can Make At Home

June 26, 2011

If you have any concern for your health or nutrition, this list of fried fair foods isn't for you. But if you're one of the millions of Americans who throw caution to the wind once during the summer and indulge in a little fried fair food, then step right up here, friend. From larded Twinkies to Fried Coca-Cola, it seems like the name of the fair food game is to find the worst thing you can possibly eat, then fry it. 

1. Fried Kool Aid

Make a dough using sweet and colorful Kool-Aid for a doughnut you won't see everyday. 

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2. Chicken Fried Bacon 

Because sometimes bacon just isn't fatty enough, some genius--who let's hope is on Lipitor--thought to flour and fry bacon just like chicken. Serve with some fattening sauce, or even gravy for dipping. 

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3. Deep Fried Twinkies 

If Twinkies are so bad for you, then why do they taste so darn good? The secret to making Deep Fried Twinkies at home is freezing the cakes first. Just a tip. 

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4. Fried Coca-Cola 

It's hard to figure just how this works, but Coca-Cola+flour+fried = good. 

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5. Deep Fried Snickers 

Snickers are so good all by themselves it might be hard to wait to fry them up! Just like the Twinkies freeze the Snickers before frying. You can use any kind of cany bar you'd like. 

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