20 Summer Recipes With Less Mess

July 11, 2011

It's okay. We understand. You're just tidy; a bit of a neat-nick. Clean freak is overly harsh. You just hate a mess. For the purposes of anonymity, we'll just call you Catie Cleanhouse.

How do you know if you're a full-fledged Catie Cleanhouse? Pine-Sol is your idea of Chanel No. 5. You want your sofa to stay white, the vacuum lines on the carpet to run precisely parallel to one another, and the pantry kept alphabetically categorized. You made it so simple with your new label maker. Sound familiar? It's okay, Catie. We love you.

And it's only natural that summer entertaining season isn't really your fave. Sticky BBQ fingers, the smoke smell, drips and drops of grape Popsicles everywhere, and how about the gobs of mustard that stain everything? And girl, don't even get started on the chocolate cake from the last birthday party that got ground into the carpet. See, we understand.

So, just for you, Catie Cleanhouse, we have put together this collection of less-mess recipes that are perfect for summer entertaining, but skip everything sticky, gooey, messy and potentially catastrophic to your sofa and drapes. So get ready to entertain this summer and let your O.C.D. flag fly high with these simple, less-mess recipes that will keep everyone happy, including you.

>>20 Less-Mess Recipes