Meta Pizza is Topped With Pizza-Flavored Junk Food

August 19, 2011

Kari Schuster of MPLS.TV created this Meta Pizza during a late-night shopping trip. It's comprised of pizza-flavored items like Doritos, Combos, Goldfish, Pringles and even hummus. From afar, the calorie-packed concoction looks like a real pizza, but up close, the pizza's components become crystal clear.

So how did the Meta Pizza taste? Schuster writes, "Awesome? Yes. Healthy? No. Pizza party in your mouth? Definitely." Would you eat this "pizza"?

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Jo Harrington's picture

Probably not . . . I prefer to clog my arteries with the real thing!

Tim's picture

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Meatza crust yes!! The non food on top of it ruins the rest of it. I prefer the one i make!! At least I can top it with real food!! Live Primal/Paleo, change your life!!

Angelica's picture

Yuck!! I wouldn't touch any of that processed crap if someone bet me too. I'd much rather eat REAL food. Living Primal/Paleo has changed my life for the better. :)