Herman Cain Lobbies Haagen Dazs for Black Walnut Ice Cream

October 15, 2011

Earlier this week, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain was asked by a reporter if his sudden rise in the polls was simply Republican voters selecting a new flavor of the month? "Black Walnut tastes good all the time," he replied

Turns out, Haagen Dazs only made black walnut ice cream for a limited time. "Well I was very disappointed to find out that it’s a limited edition and they don’t make Haagen Dazs the way they used to, so I’m heartbroken over that,” Cain told ABC News. “I now have my people calling Haagen Dazs, finding out why they don’t make Haagen Dazs ice cream, when they’re going to bring it back, because it has always been my all time favorite. I’m gonna get my Haagen Dazs, my black walnut back!”


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