17-Year-Old Stacey Irvine Collapses After Eating McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

January 30, 2012

Stacey Irvine is a 17-year-old U.K. resident who collapsed and was rushed to the hospital earlier this week complaining that she was unable to breathe after eating McDonald's chicken nuggets. This wasn't a one-time fast-food indulgence: Irvine has been eating nothing but McNuggets since the age of 2, according to the Daily Mail.

Her shocking diet left her with inflamed veins on her tongue and anemia; when she arrived at the hospital, she had to be injected with vitamins and nutrients to fight a severe deficiency. Irvine says she's never tasted vegetables or fruit. "My main meal is always chicken nuggets every day," she said. "McDonald's chicken nuggets are my favorite. I share 20 with my boyfriend with chips, but I also like KFC and supermarket brands."

Why didn't her mother Evonne force her to eat a healthier diet like her other two children? "[Stacey's] been told in no uncertain terms that she will die if she carries on like this," she said. "But Stacey says she can't eat anything else."

I'm blown away that Irvine isn't obese: 20 McNuggets contain 926 calories and 58 g of fat.

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