Jabba the Hutt Cake is a Deliciously Decadent Star Wars Dessert

February 13, 2012

This Jabba the Hutt cake by DeviantArt user KatesKakes is the perfect way for "Star Wars" fans to celebrate a birthday in decadent fashion. The cake features an itty-bitty, sculpted version of the corpulent sluglike antagonist, and the detail is so dead-on that it's hard to imagine eating it.

We have a bounty of "Star Wars"-themed food at Foodista. As a start, check out the top 10 "Star Wars" food posts of 2011.

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Kate Hopkins's picture

Thank you for the review. It really made me smile. All my cakes are on my website under 'Bespoke Cakes'.

Kate Hopkins's picture

...which is www.katehopkinsart.com

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