Hugh Jackman's 'Wolverine' Diet

September 26, 2012

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine in four previous films, but for his fifth run he really wanted to look the part. Jackman went on a high-calorie diet and trained like crazy to bulk up for the role. 

Jackman reportedly ate up to 6,000 calories a day, eating mostly high-protein foods. 

"For Wolverine, I ramp it up," Jackman said. "I do an hour and a half a day in the gym and eat a thousand calories more a day than I would normally. And I train really hard. I crank up the Godsmack and Metallica. I yell and scream, which helps me get into character and have a b*tch of a workout." 

However, Jackman has admitted he doesn't actually enjoy the working-out side of his job. 

"I don't really enjoy training," he said. "People say it's addictive, but I'm like, 'not so much.' If I weren't getting paid or didn't have a character like Wolverine to maintain, I would just be a tall, lean, fit guy."


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