See St. Patrick's Day Through Google Glasses

March 17, 2013

If you are reading this on Monday morning after a night of debauchery celebrating St. Patrick's Day, you probably need a bit of help figuring out exactly how you spent your Sunday night. Comedy group Stuntbear put together the below video with the help of Google Glasses to show you just how much trouble you might have gotten into. 

The day starts off with the partier getting in touch with his friends to make plans for St. Patrick's Day. He then heads to his local pub for a few beers, and that's when things start to go downhill. The Google Glass wearer pukes in a bathroom stall (warning, it's gross) before heading to yet another pub before heading to the St. Patrick's Day parade. Then, things really take a turn for the worst when he resists arrest, steals a cop's gun and almost kills someone. 

Was your St. Patrick's Day anything like this? 

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