Emma Stone Isn't Concerned About Dieting

March 24, 2013

Emma Stone has a very relaxed and approach to her diet, unlike many of her fellow Hollywood actresses. Stone says she tries to eat healthy, but can go several months without exercise.

"I can easily spend a few months without working out until I have a film coming up and I might want to drop a few pounds," Stone said. "I'm not worried about looking like a model or always trying to look perfect. I try to eat healthy foods and get enough sleep and go swimming when I can. That's my fitness regime." 

That, however, hasn't stopped the actress from gaining a few pounds on set because of all the delicious food around her. 

"Once I did a film, The Help, and the southern cooking was so delicious that I couldn't help myself -- I gained a few pounds and the costume fitter had to adjust my outfits."

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Well, she is very young. Let's see what she says in 15 years. I do think she is great, though.