Kitchen Secrets: The Best Way to Grill Chicken Breasts

June 25, 2014

In the latest episode of Foodista’s Kitchen Secrets, join the Chef in the Hat, Thierry Rautureau, as he shows us how to perfectly grill chicken breasts. He’ll explain how to clean and prep your grill, how to control the temperature, and exactly when to flip the breast to prevent sticking. Watch this short how-to video and in no time you’ll be grilling like a professional chef! Be sure to subscribe to Foodista's Kitchen Secrets video series for more how-to videos!

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm the Chef in the Hat, Thierry Rautureau, owner of Luc and Loulay in Seattle. [music] Grilling, one of my favorite things to do. Number one condition of your grill, turn it on, go make yourself a cocktail, open a bottle of wine, have a glass of wine. Let it get really, really hot. And then really, really, really get rid of all that dirt that's on your grill here. The main reason is 'cause if you want to grill something like a chicken breast like we're gonna do, you want to make sure that grill is spotlessly clean. You get rid of the main stuff, take a little bit of canola oil on the rag and run it over your grill like this. And let that burn for a minute. All right, I think my grill is fairly clean now. So, I've already pre-seasoned my chicken breast with salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, turmeric. And it's been marinated for an hour or two, so now it's ready to grill. Let's do this. What you want to do is grill it on the skin side first, but you want to make sure that your chicken is not gonna stick to your grill. So you want to make sure that skin is nicely put on your breast. And then what you want to do is drop your chicken right on your grill, like so. And you want to try to make it weighed down if you can to make sure it stays flat on the chicken, skin side. Don't touch that thing until the skin is crisp. If you go to fast, the skin is gonna stay on the grill. So, just leave it alone, let it cook, let it sear and do it's job. Don't be such a nervous wreck. [music] All right, it's been four minutes and ten seconds, let's see how that baby is doing. Would you call this a nice grilled chicken breast, or what? A few more minutes by crossing the grill, which time I'm doing it this way, and the next time I'm doing it this way. So I end up with this beautiful grill mark on top of my chicken breast. And then I'll flip it on the bone side, and that's where we really go away and make ourselves a cocktail and have a cocktail.

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