Peanut Butter Brookie Cups and Other Mashups That Just Make Sense

October 2, 2014

If you love brownies as much as we do, then this recipe for a brownie and peanut butter mash-up will introduce to your new brownie love; the Peanut Butter Brookie Cup. This heavenly mix is a combination of the chewy brownie that you already enjoy, but filled with the perfect mix of cookie dough and peanut butter. Of course, there is candy. Add a few Reese's pieces and you have a new addiction. 

Peanut Butter Brookie Cups

From Two in the Kitchen

Here are a few more recipe mash-ups that will have you forgetting your favorites and making room for something new. So tasty! 

Shepherd's Pie Stuffed Peppers

From Cup Cakes and Kale Chips

Sweet Potato Burger With Roasted Poblano

From One Part Plant

Not all our favorites have to be candy. This recipe is a blend of delicious sweet potato, beans and of course poblano peppers. Check out that delightful photo! Who wouldn't want to see that marriage happen? Love it!

Cookies and Cream Macarons

From Butter and Brioche

Sweet sweet Macarons filled with Oreo butter cream ganache. Oh please. Can there be any better of a flavor marriage than this? We didn't think so. 

Teriyaki Chicken and Edamame Sushi Burritos

From Hello Wonderful

We kept this recipe for last because it was the most unusual and oh so delightful. Do you love sushi? How about teriayaki chicken and edamame filling? We are loving this so very much that it's just got to be the final thing you read tonight. So fun and just so tasty. 




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