Christopher Boffoli Creates Immaculate Miniature Scenes With Food

May 29, 2011

Christopher Boffoli is an artist and photographer whose series Disparity has been making the Internet rounds this week. The project features miniature scenes made with food and itty-bitty figurines. Each scene depicts a convincingly lifelike scenario; for example, in one image, an egg becomes a pothole inspected by construction workers. In another, a frosted cupcake turns into a scene of two kids playing on a snowy landscape.

See more images from Disparity by Christopher Boffoli at his website. Which scene is your favorite?

Christopher Boffoli

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Jill Colonna's picture

Wow! I love this artist's work: I personally love the egg shells as pot-holes. I bought some gift cards of his work the other day: builders pick-axing a chocolate bar and a golfer on a doughnut; it's magic!