Tool: Turkey Fryer


A Turkey Fryer is a cooking device used for deep frying a turkey. It is basically a large stockpot with lid, a basket of turkey holder, a lifter and a thermometer.


Translations: Turcija fryer, Turkija Fryer, Turcia pui bun de prăjit, Turska Fryer, Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ Fryer, Turcja Fryer, Turkije Fryer, तुर्की Fryer, Turquia Fryer, Турция Фрайер, Η Τουρκία Φριτέζα, تركيا فراير, 터키 프라이, Turecko Fritovací, Турска Браон, 土耳其弗赖尔, Turquia fregidora, Turčijo Fryer, Turecko Fritovací, Turchia Fryer, טורקיה Fryer, Turkiet Fryer, Turki Fryer, トルコフライヤー, Turquie Fryer, Türkei Fryer, Tyrkiet Fryer, Kalkun frityrkokeren, Turquía freidora, Туреччина Фрайер, Turkki Fryer, Турция Фрайър




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These work great for frying calamari. My family use it for that purpose when we do the 7 fishes Christmas eve dinner. it's outstanding.