Filet De Boeuf Bourgogne

This is a great way to enjoy the traditional Burgundy Beef without waiting for the lesser grade of beef cook until ready to serve.

1 per person
4 ounces Beef Filet (approximately 4 oz. /person)
4 eachs button mushrooms 4 or 5/person cut into quarters
4 eachs Pearl onion (I used frozen par-cooked) 4 or 5/per person
4 eachs Carrot (I used bagged baby carrots) 4 or 5/per person
1 cup Red wine approximately ½ cup/person
to taste Salt/Pepper
1 cup Beef broth (no salt) approximately ¼ cup/person
4 ounces Egg Noodles approximately 4 oz. /person
teaspoon Fresh Thyme 1 tsp/person
Cut filet(s) into one-inch pieces, set aside.
Defrost pearl onions.
Clean mushrooms, if using larger mushrooms quarter them at this point, set aside.
Fill a small saucepot with water and carrots; cook until the carrots are fork tender.
Put approximately 1 tablespoon each of oil and butter in a sauté pan heat until butter starts to bubble.
Sauté beef cubes until just seared, do not crowd pan, sauté in batches if necessary remove as the beef browns and place in a bowl.
Deglaze sauté pan with the wine scraping brown bits (fond in culinary terms) on bottom of pan. Add one or two twigs of thyme, there is no need to strip the leaves, as it will be remove later. Continue to cook wine and thyme until wine is reduced by half, remove thyme set aside in bowl.
Place approximately one tablespoon each of olive oil and butter in sauté pan Sauté mushrooms, carrots and onions until caramelized (salt and pepper the vegetables to taste). Put wine reduction, beef broth and vegetables in a sauce pot bring to a rolling simmer (at this time you should prepare noodles according to package directions). Add beef filet cubes with any accumulated juices to sauce pot turn off heat (the beef will warm through with the residual heat in the pot, caution do not overcook beef).
Place cooked noodles on a serving plate, ladle beef, the vegetables and stock over noodles. Garnish with chopped parsley.


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Hi Robert!

Thanks for sharing your link with me on LinkedIN- this is indeed a great recipe. Do you have a photo of your dish? I'm dying to see what it looks like! Good luck!

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I thought I had a picture of this recipe in my system but alas I don't. I plan to prepare this again soon and add the pic to this entry and my site.

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I have added a picture to give some visual impact.

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Um, looks like you finished off the beef! Cleaned your plate real well too. *grin*