Black Oxford Apple


Black Oxford undoubtedly gained its popularity from its excellent storage quality and heavy regular bearing, combined with its unique and desirable flavor. With its near perfect blend of sweet and tart flavor, it is my favorite winter eating apple


Translations: Juodosios Oksfordo Apple, Negru Oxford Apple, Black Apple Oxford, Zwarte Oxford Apple, काले एप्पल ऑक्सफोर्ड, Черный Оксфорд Apple, Μαύρη Οξφόρδη Apple, أكسفورد الأسود أبل, 블랙은 애플을 옥스포드, Černá Oxford Apple, Black Apple Oxford, 黑色牛津苹果, Negre Oxford Apple, Čierna Oxford Apple, שחור אוקספורד אפל, Svart Oxford Apple, Црна Оксфорд јабука, ブラックは、Appleオックスフォード, Svart Oxford Apple, Negro Oxford Apple, Чорний Оксфорд Apple, Musta Oxford Apple, Черно Оксфорд Apple

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: november



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