Bhutanese Red Rice


A medium-grain rice grown in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the eastern Himalayas and is the staple rice of the Bhutanese people. It's a red japonica rice that is semi-milled, leaving some of the reddish bran on the rice. Because of this, the rice cooks somewhat faster than an unmilled brown rice, and when cooked, the rice is pale pink, soft and slightly sticky.


Translations: Butānas Red Rice, Butano raudonaisiais ryžiais, Bhutan Red Rice, Bhutanese Crvena riža, Bhutan Red Rice, Bhutanu Red Rice, भूटानी लाल चावल, O arroz vermelho do Butão, Бутана Красного Райс, Μπουτάν Red Rice, أحمر رايس بوتان, 부탄 레드 라이스, Bhutanese červené rýže, Bhutan Beras Merah, 不丹红米, Arròs vermell de Bhutan, Bhutanese červenej ryže, Bhutanesi Riso Rosso, אורז אדום Bhutanese, Bhutans Red Rice, Бхутанесе Црвена Рајс, ブータンのレッドライス, Bhoutanais riz rouge, Bhutan Red Rice, Bhutanske Red Rice, Bhutanske Red Rice, Arroz Rojo de Bhután, Бутану Червоного Райс, Bhutanin Red Rice, Бутан Червен Райс



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