Bombay Ratual Mango


n about 1874 Mr. Kareemuddin of village planted 4 grafted plants of Bombay variety in Rataul which he collected from him 'DAULA'Village in Bagpat Distt. Where they were brought by an Engineer of Eastern Yamuna canal project, Mr. Braden from Maharastra.

In about 1880 Mr. Abdul Razzaq son of Sheikh Inayat ali established a 1.5 Hectare in Rataul.

Mr. Hakimuddin and his brother Mr. Aftabuddin established big orchard in Rataul Mr. Hakimuddin, a government official collected various varieties of mangoes .Thus village Rataul becomes famous for its Mangoes.
Sheikh Mohammed Afaq Faridi was so passionate with his mangoes that he had already tasted all the varieties of mangoes and he was able to tell the variety just by chewing the leaves of mango tree, tested it or even by smell it. Sheikh Mohammad Afaq Faridi was a government servant but resigned from his job in 1914 and he devotes his life for the development of mangoes. He established a nursery SHOHRA-E-AFAQ NURSURY in 1928 and got it registered in 1935 in which he had 461 varieties of mangoes and grow many orchards of different varieties this was his first attempt towards having all kinds of varieties of mangoes. Sheikh Afaq Faridi and grow many orchards of different varieties this was his first attempt towards having all kinds of verities of mangoes. Shiekh Mohd. Afaq Faridi had discovered a variety of mango which he named Rataul after his village and he known as mango king. Due to efforts of Sheikh Mohd. Faridi and his services to develop 461 varieties and specially "Rataul" the village Rataul is well known on the map of India and the World


Translations: Βομβάη Ratual Mango, Bombėjaus Ratual Mango, بومباي مانجو Ratual, Бомбей Ratual Манго, Bombay Mango Ratual, ボンベイRatualマンゴ, 봄베이 Ratual 망고, Бомбај Ратуал манго, Bombay Mango Ratual, בומביי Ratual מנגו, Бомбей Ratual Манго, बंबई Ratual मैंगो, Bombaim Mango Ratual, 孟买Ratual芒果, Bombay Ratual Mangga, Mango Bombai Ratual, Бомбай Ratual Манго



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