Anthotyro Cheese


Anthotyro is a Greek cheese that has been made for centuries. It is a traditional, unpasteurized, cheese made from sheep's and/or goat's whey with the addition of milk. It is usually shaped into a cone or ball. It's dry and white, has no rind, and is often eaten for breakfast with fruit and honey, but also in savory dishes. Its name, which means" flower cheese," comes from the aroma and flavor, which carries a hint of wild herbs. It is smooth, hard and moist, and has a fine, crumbly texture. The pure white interior is delicate, and the famed, floral flavor has a smoky tang. Anthotyros is salted and matured Mizithra.


Translations: Anthotyro Siers, Anthotyro Sūriai, Anthotyro Brânză, Anthotyro sira, Anthotyro Kaas, Anthotyro पनीर, Anthotyro Queijo, Anthotyro сыра, Τυρί ανθότυρο, Anthotyro الجبن, Anthotyro 치즈, Anthotyro Sýry, Anthotyro Keju, Anthotyro奶酪, Anthotyro Formatge, Anthotyro Sir, Anthotyro Syry, Anthotyro Formaggio, Anthotyro גבינה, Anthotyro Ost, Антхотиро сир, Anthotyroチーズ, Anthotyro fromage, Anthotyro Queso, Anthotyro сиру, Anthotyro Juusto, Anthotyro сирене



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