Zahidi Date


Variety of date light in color and sweet, it makes for perfect snack or used in specialty desserts.


Translations: Zahidi datums, Zahidi data, Data Zahidi, Datum Zahidi, Ngày Zahidi, Zahidi Data, Zahidi Datum, Zahidi दिनांक, Zahidi Data, Дата Захиди, Zahidi Ημερομηνία, تاريخ زاهيدى, Zahidi 날짜, Zahidi Datum, Tanggal Zahidi, Zahidi Petsa, 扎西迪日期, Zahidi Data, Zahidi Datum, Zahid Dátum, Zahidi Data, Zahidi תאריך, Zahidi Datum, Датум Захиди, Zahidi日, Date Zahidi, Zahidi Datum, Zahidi Dato, Zahidi Dato, Zahidi Fecha, Дата Захід, Zahidi Päivämäärä, Zahidi Дата



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