Astrachan Red Apple


The Astrachan Red Apple is good for eating fresh, cooking and making cider. It is medium sized and crimson coloured. The flesh is juicy, tart and crisp with good flavor. Very short storage.


Translations: Astrahaņa Red Apple, Astrachanė Red Apple, Astrahan Red Apple, Astrakhan Crvena Jabuka, Astrachań Red Apple, आस्ट्राखान लाल सेब, Астрахань Red Apple, Astrachan Κόκκινο μήλο, استراشان التفاح الأحمر, 아스트라한 레드 애플, Astracháň Red Apple, 阿斯特拉成红苹果, Astrachan Xarxa Apple, Astrahan Red Apple, Astrachaň Red Apple, אסטרצ 'אן האדום אפל, Астрацхан Црвена јабука, アストラチャンレッドアップル, Astrakhan Red Apple, Astrachan Red Apples, Астрахань Red Apple, Astrakhan Red Apple, Астрахан Red Apple



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