Apricot Oil


Apricot Kernel Oil is a fine textured, sweet oil similar to Almond Oil. It is not often used in cooking due to its expense, but can be drizzled on salads and other foods for added flavor.

This rich, cold pressed oil is easliy absorbed into the skin and is primarily used in the making of soaps and other cosmetics, and in aromatherapy.


Other names: Kernel Oil
Translations: Aprikožu eļļa, Abrikosų aliejus, Ulei de caise, Dầu mai, Olej morelowy, Abrikoosolie, खूबानी तेल, Apricot Óleo, Абрикосового масла, Βερίκοκο Oil, المشمش النفط, 살구 오일, Meruňka Oil, Aprikot Minyak, 杏仁油, Oli de Albercoc, Marelični Oil, Marhuľa Oil, Olio di albicocca, משמש שמן, Уље кајсије, アプリコットオイル, Huile d'abricot, Aprikosenöl, Abrikos Oil, Aprikos olje, Aceite de Albaricoque, Абрикосового олії, Aprikoosi Öljy, Кайсия петрола



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