Bailey Sweet Apple


The Bailey Sweet apple is distinctly sweet and of very good quality, but does not store well. It has a tender skin, clear bright yellow largely covered with deep red. Flesh tinged with yellow, firm, moderately juicy, decidedly sweet. Available from October to January.


Translations: ベイリースウィートアップル, بيلي التفاح الحلو, Bailey Apple Sweet, 베일리 달콤한 사과, Bailey Apple Sweet, ביילי מתוק אפל, Бејли Слатки јабука, बेली मीठा सेब, Bailey dolça d'Apple, Бейлі Sweet Apple, 贝利甜苹果, Бейли Sweet Apple, Bailey dulce de Apple, Бейли Сладки Apple

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, opctober, november, december



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