Ardrahan Cheese


Ardrahan is a modern cow's milk farmhouse cheese made with a washed-rind. It usually wheel-shaped with a ridged, brine-washed rind that is encrusted with brown, ochre, gray and yellow moulds. It has an earthy aroma and complexflavors: a zesty acidity that underscores a buttery and savory character. The finish is reminiscent of a young Gruyere.


Translations: Ardrahan Sūris, Ardrahan Cascaval, Ardrahan Sir, Ardrahan Sery, Ardrahan Kaas, Ardrahan पनीर, Ardrahan Queijo, Ardrahan сыра, Ardrahan Τυρί, Ardrahan الجبن, Ardrahan 치즈, Ardrahan Sýry, 阿德勒汉奶酪, Ardrahan Formatge, Ardrahan Sir, Ardrahan Syry, Ardrahan גבינה, Ардрахан сир, Ardrahanチーズ, Ardrahan Fromage, Ardrahan Käse, Ardrahan Ost, Ardrahan Queso, Ardrahan сиру, Ardrahan Juusto, Ardrahan сирене



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