Soybeans are legumes and are native to East Asia. They are an excellent source of dietary fiber, has a complete source of protein, and may lower LDL cholesterol.

Soybeans are often transformed into other food products like soy milk, soybean oil, tofu, shoyu or soy sauce, tempeh or they can be cooked and added to soups and stews.


Other names: Soya Beans, Edamame
Translations: Sojas pupas, Sojų pupelės, Soia, Soje, Đậu nành, Soja, Sojabonen, Soyabønner, Soja, Соевые бобы, Σόγια, فول الصويا, 대두, Sójové boby, Соја, 大豆, Soja, Soja, Sójové bôby, Germogli di soia, סויה, Sojabönor, Kedelai, 大豆, Soya, Sojabohnen, Soja, Soja, Соєві боби, Soija, Соя



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