Australian Finger Lime


The Australian Finger lime is a native citrus fruit of Australia available in several different colors, with pulp ranging from pink to white.
Also called the "citrus caviar" because considered as one of the rarest and most prized fruits around.


Translations: Austrālijas Finger Lime, Australijos Finger Liepų, Australian deget de var, Australski prst Lime, Úc Finger Lime, Australische Finger Lime, ऑस्ट्रेलियाई फिंगर निम्बुड़ा, Finger australiano Lime, Австралийский палец Лайм, Αυστραλιανή δάχτυλο Lime, الاسترالي فنجر الجير, 호주 핑거 라임, Australský prst Vápenná, Аустралијски Прст Лиме, Australian Finger dayap, 澳大利亚手指石灰, Dit de la mà de calç d'Austràlia, Avstralski Finger Lime, Austrálsky prst Vápenná, Finger australiano Lime, האוסטרלי Finger ליים, Australiska Finger Lime, Australia Finger Kapur, オーストラリアのフィンガーライム, Finger australienne de chaux, Australian Lime Finger, Australsk Finger Lime, Dedo de la mano de cal de Australia, Австралійський палець Лайм, Австралийски пръсти лайм

Physical Description

Colors: Brown, green

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Citrussy, sweet, tangy
Mouthfeel: Like caviar, Bursting in the mouth!
Food complements: Seafood, Dessert



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