African White Tea


Produced in minuscule amounts in Malawi and Kenya, mostly as silver needles (Yin Zhen) type made of assamensis buds; usually higher in caffeine and richer in flavour than Chinese whites, sometimes approaching yellow teas, and often changing flavors in the cup.


Translations: Afrikos Baltoji arbata, African alb Ceai, White African Tea, Phi trắng Trà, Afrikaanse Witte Thee, अफ्रीकी व्हाइट चाय, Africano Chá Branco, Африканский Белый чай, Αφρικής Λευκό Τσάι, الافريقي الابيض الشاي, 아프리카 화이트 티, Africké White Tea, 非洲白茶, Àfrica Te Blanc, Afriška White Tea, Africkej White Tea, אפריקה תה לבן, Афрички Бели чај, アフリカのホワイトティー, Thé blanc de l'Afrique, África Té Blanco, Африканський Білий чай, Afrikkalainen White Tea, Африка бял чай



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