Atlantic Turnip


A Purple Top Milan type of turnip, improved and suitable for baby vegetable production (they are very sweet and nutritious when still small). They are ideal for all year round production and can be grown under cover over the winter. The turnips are flat-topped with white roots and purple crowns.


Translations: Atlanto Ropė, Oceanul Atlantic Napi, Atlantic Repa, Đại Tây Dương turnip, Atlantic Rzepa, Atlantische Turnip, अटलांटिक शलजम, Atlântico Nabo, Атлантический Репа, Ατλαντικός Γογγύλι, الأطلسي اللفت, 대서양 바보야, Atlantic Vodnice, Атлантиц репе, Atlantic singkamas, 大西洋萝卜, Atlàntic Nap, Atlantic Repa, Atlantic Okrúhlica, Atlantic Rapa, אטלנטיק לפת, Atlantic Rova, Atlantik Turnip, 大西洋カブ, Atlantic Navet, Atlantic Rübe, Atlantic Majroe, Atlantic Nepe, Atlántico Nabo, Атлантичний Ріпа, Atlantic Nauris, Ряпа част на Атлантическия океан



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