Xavier De Bavay Apple


It is the fruit of a well known tree of the natural order Rosaceae , or the tree itself . the apple belongs to the temperature regions of the globe , over which it is almost universally spread and cultivated . the tree attains a moderate height , with spreading branches ; the leaf is ovat;and the flowers are produced from the wood of the former year.


Translations: Xavier de Bavay Apple, Xavier Apple Bavay De, Xavier de Bavay Apple, أبل كزافييه دو Bavay, Xavier De bava Apple, Ксавьє Де Bavay Apple, Apple Xavier De Bavay, Xavier de Bavay Apple, 자비에르 드 Bavay 애플, חאווייר דה אפל Bavay, Ксавиер де Баваи јабука, ザビエルデBavayアップル, जेवियर डी Bavay एप्पल, Xavier De Apple Bavay, Xavier De Apple Bavay, 泽维尔德巴韦苹果, Xavier de Bavay Apple, Ксавье Де Bavay Apple, Xavier De Apple Bavay, Ксавие Де Bavay Apple



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