Yellowtail Snapper


he yellowtail snapper, Ocyurus chrysurus, is an abundant species of snapper found along the North American coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Although they have been found as far north as Massachusetts, their normal range is along Florida down through the West Indies and Braz


Translations: Dzeltenastu Snapper, Geltonuodegė snapper, Galbenă Snapper, Chryzor, Yellowtail स्नैपर, Йеллоутейл Снаппер, Κίτρινη Snapper, الأصفر النهاش, 방어 스내퍼, Žlutoploutvá Snapper, Kuning Snapper, Yellowtail alsis, 耶洛塔尔斯纳珀, Sorell Snapper, Rumenorepe Snapper, Žltoplutvý Snapper, Иелловтаил Снаппер, ハマチスナッパー, Jaune Snapper, Gulhalet Snapper, Jurel Snapper, Йеллоутейл Снаппер, Жълтоопашата Snapper



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