Boston Red Leaf Lettuce


The 12 inch diameter heads are a medium green color, with a rose-red tinge along the edges of the crumpled leaves.  A light green heart is found in the middle of this delicious lettuce. 


Other names: Boston Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce
Translations: Boston Red Lapu salāti, Boston salāti, Boston Red Lapinės salotos, Boston Salotos, Boston Salată verde cu frunze roşii, salată verde Boston, Boston Red Leaf zelena salata, zelena salata Boston, Boston Red Leaf Rau diếp, Boston Rau diếp, Boston Red Leaf Sałata, Sałata Boston, Boston Red eikenbladsla, Boston Lettuce, बोस्टन लाल पत्ता सलाद, बोस्टन लेटिष, Boston Red Leaf Alface, Alface Boston, Бостон Ред листья салата, салата Бостон, Boston Red Μαρούλι Leaf, Μαρούλι Βοστώνη, بوسطن خس ليف الأحمر ، خس بوسطن, 보스턴 레드 잎 상추, 보스턴 상추, Boston Červený listový salát, salát Boston, Бостон Ред Лист Зелена салата, салата Бостону, Boston Red talulot litsugas, Boston litsugas, 波士顿红叶生菜,波士顿生菜, Boston Xarxa enciam de fulla, enciam Boston, Boston Red Leaf Solata, Boston Solata, Boston Červený listový šalát, šalát Boston, Boston Lattuga foglia rossa, lattuga di Boston, בוסטון חסה העלה אדום, חסה בוסטון, Boston Red plocksallat, Boston Sallat, Boston Red Daun Selada, Selada Boston, ボストンレッドリーフレタス、ボストンレタス, Laitue Boston Red Leaf, la laitue Boston, Boston Red Blattsalat, Boston Salat, Boston Red Leaf Salat, Boston Salat, Boston Red Leaf salat, Boston Salat, Boston Red lechuga de hoja, lechuga Boston, Бостон Ред листя салату, салату Бостон, Boston Red Leaf Salaattia, Boston Lehtisalaatti, Бостън Ред марули Leaf, Бостън Марули

Physical Description

Medium sized heads are loosely packed with firm, crisp leaves.

Colors: Light green ranging to dark green with a red tint

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet
Mouthfeel: Crisp, Juicy, Crunchy
Substitutes: Romaine lettuce, Bibb lettuce, Cos lettuce

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Peak: march, april, may, june
Choosing: Select loose heads that have firm, crisp leaves. Avoid any heads that have excessive insect damage or mushy leaves.
Buying: Larger grocery stores may carry hydroponically grown Boston lettuce throughout the year. It is a common product in early spring at local markets.
Procuring: Leaf lettuce can be grown in most temperate regions by backyard gardeners or commercial growers. The best growing period is in early spring before the days get long and hot. This produces the highest quality lettuce. Using hydroponic methods and controlled conditions a crop can be grown year round.

Preparation and Use

Boston lettuce is most frequently combined with other vegetables and eaten in salads. Its firm texture lends it to use on sandwiches as well.

Cleaning: Fresh lettuce from a garden or market should be soaked briefly in lightly salted water. This removes various kinds of insects and any dirt. Then the lettuce should be rinsed in fresh clean water and spun in a salad spinner or gently patted dry.

Conserving and Storing

Leaf lettuce is best used fresh, soon after picking. If it is wrapped in a damp paper towel and refrigerated it may be kept for up to a week. It does not freeze or can well, but it may be dehydrated. The dehydrated leaves can be crumbled and added to other dehydrated vegetables for soup mixes and casseroles.



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