Cavalier Nectarines


The Cavalier Nectarine is grown in central California where it ripens in mid-July. It is a medium- sized, firm fleshy fruit with a freestone. The skin resembles a peach. It is resistant to brown rot.


Translations: Cavalier Nektarīni, Cavalier Nektarinai, Nectarine Cavalier, Cavalier nektarine, Cavalier xuân đào, Cavalier Nektaryny, घुड़सवार Nectarines, Cavalier Nectarinas, Кавалер нектарины, Cavalier Νεκταρίνια, المتعجرف النكتارين, 무심한 천도 복숭아, Cavalier Nektarinky, Cavalier nectarine, 骑士油桃, Nectarines Cavalier, Cavalier Nektarine, Cavalier Nektárinky, Cavalier Nettarine, נקטרינות Cavalier, Cavalier Nektariner, Кавалир Нектарине, キャバリアネクタリン, Cavalier Nektarinen, Cavalier Nektariner, Cavalier nektariner, Nectarinas Cavalier, Кавалер нектарини, Cavalier Nektariinit, Кавалер Нектарини



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