Argan Oil


The oil made from the walnut/almond-like nuts of the argan tree, an endangered, yet UNESCO-protected tree that grows exclusively in southwestern Morocco. The nuts are cracked by hand with sharp stones, the seeds are then removed and slowly roasted, giving the oil its nutty flavor. Once roasting is completed the seeds are ground into a paste then hand squeezed to extract the oil.


Translations: Argana eļļu, Argano aliejus, Argan ulje, Dầu Argan, Olej arganowy, Argan olie, Argan तेल, Аргана масло, أركان النفط, Argan 오일, Arganového oleje, Argan Minyak, 阿根油, Oli d'Argan, Arganovo olje, Arganového oleja, Olio di Argan, Argan שמן, Arganolja, Арган уље, アルガン油, Huile d'Argan, Arganöl, Arganolie, Argan olje, Aceite de Argan, Аргана масло, Argan Öljy, Арган масло



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I've heard good things about argan oil. It's even been known to be used for hair and skin care.