Arneis Grapes


A white grape variety from Piedmont, in northwestern Italy. Arneis literally means "little rascal" because it is a tricky grape to grow. It has naturally low acidity and can easily become over ripe if harvested too late. It makes wines that are crisp, dry, floral, and full bodied. Historically, Arneis was used as a blending grape in Barolo, to soften the tannins of Nebbiolo. Now it is seen more as a varietal grape.


Translations: Arneis Vīnogas, Arneis Vynuogės, Arneis Struguri, Grožđe Arneis, Arneis Nho, Winogrona Arneis, Arneis druiven, Arneis अंगूर, Uvas Arneis, Arneis виноград, Arneis Σταφύλια, العنب Arneis, Arneis 포도, Arneis bobulí, Arneis Anggur, Arneis mga ubas, Arneis葡萄, Arneis Raïms, Arneis Grozdje, Arneis bobúľ, Le uve Arneis, Arneis ענבי, Arneis Vindruvor, Арнеис грожђа, アルネイスブドウ, Cépages Arneis, Arneis Trauben, Arneis Druer, Arneis Druer, Arneis Uvas, Arneis виноград, Arneis Viinirypäleet, Арнеис Грозде



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