York Imperial Apple


An apple variety characterized by its red skin, which contains streaks of yellow and russet specks and its flattened oblong shape. It has a creamy white flesh that is crisp and coarse textured. The York Imperial has a flavor that is sweet yet slightly tart. It is an excellent choice for baked desserts or for dishes cooked on the stovetop, since it holds its shape and flavor well when cooked.


Translations: ニューヨークインペリアルアップル, Niujorkas Imperial Apple, نيويورك أبل الامبراطوري, Йорк Імперіал Apple, Apple York Imperial, 뉴욕 제국 애플, Њујорк Царска јабука, Imperial York Apple, ניו אימפריאל אפל, Apple York Imperiale, Imperial York Apple, न्यूयॉर्क एप्पल इम्पीरियल, Imperial York Apple, York Apple Imperial, 纽约帝国苹果, Йорк Империал Apple, Imperial York Apple, Imperial Йорк Apple



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