Camargue Red Rice


A relatively new variety of rice from the southern region of France. It is short-grained, unmilled, which makes it sticky, and reddish-brown in color.


Translations: カマルグレッドライス, Camargue &Red Rice, كامارغ رايس الأحمر, Camargue červenej ryže, Camargue Riz rouge, Цамаргуе Црвена Рајс, Crvena riža Camargue, Camargue červené rýže, Riso rosso della Camargue, קאמארג האדום רייס, Camargue Beras Merah, CAMARGUE 레드 라이스, CAMARGUE लाल चावल, De arroz rojo de Camarga, Камарг Червоного Райс, 卡马格红米, Камарг Красного Райс, D'arròs vermell de Camarga, Camargue Червен Райс



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