Cape Gooseberry


The Cape Gooseberry is large berry, almost 1" around, with smooth, glossy, orange-yellow skin, juicy pulp, many small yellowish seeds, but when fully ripe, it is sweet with a pleasing grape-like tang.


Translations: Cape ērkšķoga, Žaliojo Agrastų, Capul agrisa, Cape Ogrozd, Cape ruột, केप करौदा, Cabo Gooseberry, Физалис, Cape Φραγκοστάφυλο, كيب عنب الثعلب, 케이프 구즈 베리, Cape angreštový, Cape gooseberry, Cape gusberi, 角古兹伯里, Uchuva, Cape kosmulje, Cape angreštový, קייפ חזרזר, Cape Krusbär, Цапе огрозд, シマホオズキ, Physalis, Kapstachelbeere, Cape Stikkelsbær, Cape Stikkelsbær, Uchuva, Фізаліс, Cape Karviainen, Кабо цариградско грозде



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