Blake Kiwifruit


This is a relatively new cultivar. It is claimed to be elf-fertile,but it does benefit from cross pollination. Fruit are smaller than Hayward or Saanichton 12 and are more oval in shape. Flavor is inferior to Hayward and Saanichton 12.


Translations: Blake Kivi, Blake Kiviai, Blake Kiwi, Blake kiwi, Blake Kiwi, Blake Kiwi's, ब्लेक Kiwifruit, Блейк киви, Blake ακτινίδια, بليك كيوي, 블레 이크 키위, Blake Kiwi, Blake Kiwi, 布莱克猕猴桃, Blake Kiwi, Blake Kivi, Blake Kiwi, Blake kiwi, בלייק קיווי, Blake Kiwifrukter, Блејк Киви, ブレイクキウイフルーツ, Blake kiwis, Blake Kiwis, Blake Kiwier, Blake kiwi, Blake Kiwi, Блейк ківі, Blake kiivit, Блейк Киви



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