Aura Cheese


Aura is a type of blue cheese produced in Äänekoski, Finland. Aura is made of cow's milk and takes its name from the Aura river, which runs through the city of Turku. The cheese is available in two varieties. The regular variety is aged for 6 weeks whereas the stronger 'Aura Gold' variety is aged for 12 weeks. It is marketed in the United States under the name Midnight Blue.


Other names: Midnight Blue
Translations: Aura Siers, & Sūriai, Aura Brânză, Aura sira, Aura Kaas, आभा पनीर, Aura Queijo, Аура сыра, Aura Τυρί, هالة الجبن, 영기 치즈, Aura Sýry, Aura Keju, 奥拉奶酪, Aura Formatge, Aura Sir, Aura Syry, Aura Formaggio, אאורה גבינה, Aura Ost, Аура сир, オーラチーズ, Aura fromage, Aura Queso, Аура сиру, Аура Сирене



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