Aji Mirasol Pepper


The ají pepper, also known as Peruvian hot pepper, is a unique species of chili pepper, Capsicum baccatum, containing several different breeds. The most common are simply differentiated by color, like "yellow Peruvian hot pepper" or ají amarillo. These peppers have a distinctive, fruity flavor, and are commonly ground into colorful powders for use in cooking, each identified by its color.


Translations: 味ミラソルペッパー, Aji Mirasol Pipirai, العاجي الفلفل Mirasol, Aji Mirasol Korenie, Aji Мірасол Пеппер, Aji Pepper Mirasol, Аји Мирасол бибер, 아지 Mirasol 페퍼, Aji Mirasol Pepř, Aji Pepper Mirasol, Aji Mirasol פפר, Aji Мирасол Пеппер, AJI Mirasol Pepper, Aji Mirasol पेप्पर, Ají Mirasol Pimienta, Aji Pepper Mirasol, 阿吉米拉索尔辣椒, Aji Mirasol Lada, Ají Mirasol Pebre, Aji Mirasol пипер



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