Yuk Bing Siu Zau


a Cantonese rice liquor with over 100 years of history, made with steamed rice. After distillation, pork fat is stored with the liquor but removed before bottling.


Translations: Yuk Zau Siu Bing, يوك زاو بنج سيو, Yuk Zau Siu Bing, Zau Yuk Siu Bing, 陸ビンビンシウのZau, 불쾌해 시우 빙의 Zau, Siu Yuk Bing Zau, Bing Siu Yuk Zau, Yuk Siu Zau Bing, Yök Bing Siu Zau, Bing Siu Yuk Zau, Yuk Siu Bing Zau, Yuk बिंग Siu Zau, Юк Бинг Сиу Дау, איכס בינג סיו Zau, Юк Бінг Сіу Дау, Yuk Bing Zau Siu, 育兵小劭, Иук Бинго Сиу Зау, Yuk Bing ZAU Siu, Гадост Бинг Сиу Zau



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