American Groundnut


Used as a staple food for eastern Native American peoples, American Groundnut produces a string of edible high protein tubers. When eaten raw they are starchy and chewy. When cooked they have a soft, floury texture and a pleasant mild slightly sweet flavour reminiscent of sweet potatoes. They can be dried and ground into a powder to use as a sweetener and thickener in soups, or can be added to flour


Translations: Amerikāņu Zemesriekstu, Amerikos Žemės, American de arahide, Američki Groundnut, Mỹ lạc, American ziemnych, Amerikaanse Grondnotenschilfers, अमेरिकी मूंगफली, Americana Amendoim, Американский Groundnut, American υπόγειος, الفول السوداني الأمريكية, 미국의 땅콩, Americký podzemnicové, Амерички Кикирики, American grawndnat, 美国花生, American cacauet, Ameriški iz arašidov, Americký arašidový, Americano di arachide, האמריקאי בטן, Amerikanska Jordnötsolja, Amerika kacang tanah, アメリカのピーナッツ, American arachide, American Erdnuss, American Jordnøddeolie, Amerikansk Groundnut, American cacahuete, Американський Groundnut, American Maapähkinä, Американски Фъстъчено



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