Canadian Bacon


Canadian Bacon is cured and salted pork loin, resembling ham more than bacon. There are two types of Canadian Bacon - one sold in US market and the other sold in Canada and the UK.

True Canadian Bacon, also reffered to as Peameal Bacon, is cured in a sweet pickle and has a crust made from corn meal or peas. The meat is lean yet juicy, slightly sweet, and salty to taste.

Unlike regular bacon, this bacon does not get crispy in its own fat while being cooked. It is served in thick, soft, juicy wedges rather than crisp and dry.

Canadian or Peameal bacon is sold cooked and parbaked. It can used for breakfast or lunch. Goes well as a pizza topping and in omelettes.


Other names: Peameal Bacon
Translations: Kanādas Bacon, ジョンキャンディの大進撃, Kanados Bacon, بيكون الكندية, Kanadská slanina, Канадска Сланина, Kanadski Bacon, Kanadská slanina, Canada Bacon, בייקון קנדי, Канадский бекон, Canadese Bacon, 캐나다 베이컨, कनाडा के बेकन, Canadà Bacon, Канадський бекон, 加拿大培根, Kanadan Bacon, Canadá Bacon, Канадски бекон



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