Ambercup Squash


Every part of the squash plant can be eaten, including the leaves and tender shoots, which can be cooked in omelets or made into soup. We haven’t spent sleepless nights poring over old cookbooks, but in the modest research we have done, we haven’t come across any recipes specifying amber cup squash, either


Translations: Ambercup Skvošs, Ambercupスカッシュ, Ambercup Skvošo, Ambercup الاسكواش, Ambercup 스쿼시, Ambercup סקווש, Ambercup Сквош, Ambercup स्क्वैश, Ambercup esquaix, Ambercup Сквош, Ambercup壁球, Амберцуп Сквош, Ambercup squash, Ambercup скуош

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