Blenheim Apple


The Blenheim apple is a large, somewhat flattened looking apple. It has dull, washed-looking skin that is greenish-yellow with reddish-orange stripes. The flesh is creamy-white, with a coarse, crumbly texture, and is moderately juicy. Lovely eaten with cheese, having a nutty, quite sweet taste and a crumbly texture.


Translations: ブレナムアップル, بلنهيم أبل, 블렌하임 애플, Apple Blenheim, Бленхейм Apple, ब्लेनहेम एप्पल, בלנהיים אפל, Бленхейм Apple, 布莱尼姆苹果, Бленхеим јабука, Бленхайм Apple

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, opctober, november, december
Peak: opctober



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