Carob Flour


Carob Flour is a type of flour resembling cocoa powder, that is made by milling the dried pod of the Carob Tree, a Meditteranean evergreen tree.

Carob Flour is a starchy flour with a sweet bean-like flavor. It is low in fat, high in carbohydrates and dietary fiber. It is also a moderate source of protein and a good source of niacin and calcium.

Often used as a substitute for cocoa and chocolate in making candies and shakes, Carob flour is also good for use in cookies, cakes, desserts and cereal.


Other names: harroupia, alfarroba, carob
Translations: Ceratoniju milti, Pupmedžio miltai, Roşcov Făină, Rogač brašna, Bài hát vui Flour, Szarańczyn Mąka, Carob Meel, Carob आटा, Farinha de alfarroba, Муки рожкового дерева, Χαρούπι Αλεύρι, طحين الخروب, Carob 밀가루, Rohovník Mouka, Carob Tepung, Kawayan ng karob Flour, 角豆面粉, Farina de garrofa, Rožičevo moko, Rohovník Múka, Carruba Farina, חרוב קמח, Carob Mjöl, Рогач брашна, イナゴマメ粉, Farine de caroube, Carob Mehl, Johannesbrødkernemel Mel, Harina de algarroba, Муки ріжкового дерева, Johanneksenleipäpuujauho Flour, Рожков Брашно


History: Carob pods were an important source of sugar before sugarcane and sugar beets became widely available.



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