Cabrales Cheese


Cabrales is a renowned rough-rinded blue cheese from Northern Spain (region of Asturias) made from a blend of cow's, goat's and sheep's milk.


Translations: Cabrales Siers, Cabrales Sūriai, Cabrales Brânză, Cabrales sira, Cabrales kaas, Cabrales पनीर, Cabrales Queijo, Кабралес сыра, Cabrales Τυρί, كابرالس الجبن, Cabrales 치즈, Cabrales Sýry, Cabrales Keju, 卡夫拉莱斯奶酪, Formatge Cabrales, Cabrales Sir, Cabrales Syry, Formaggio Cabrales, Cabrales גבינה, Cabrales Ost, Цабралес сир, カブラチーズ, Fromage de Cabrales, Cabrales ost, Queso Cabrales, Кабралес сиру, Cabrales Juusto, Cabrales сирене

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Picon, Gamonedo, Roquefort



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