Sugar Pumpkin


Much small than the typical pumpkin one finds in an American grocery store used for carving jack o' lanterns. It's flesh is thicker and sweeter. Closely resembles the consistency of butternut or kabocha squash. Great for cooking.


Other names: Sweet Pumpkins, Pie Pumpkins
Translations: Cukurs Ķirbju, Cukrus Moliūgų, Zahăr de dovleac, Šećer bundeve, Đường Pumpkin, Cukru Pumpkin, चीनी कद्दू, Açúcar Abóbora, Сахар тыквы, Ζάχαρη κολοκύθας, السكر القرعة, 설탕 호박, Cukr Dýně, Gula Labu, Sugar kalabasa, 糖南瓜, Sucre Carbassa, Sugar Bučna, Cukor Tekvice, Zucchero di zucca, סוכר דלעת, Socker Pumpkin, Шећер бундеве, シュガーパンプキン, Sugar citrouille, Sukker Græskar, Azúcar Calabaza, Цукор гарбуза, Sokeri Kurpitsa, Захар тиква

Physical Description

Sugar pumpkins are smaller than pumpkins found in a grocery store. The flesh of a sugar pumpkin is much thicker and is also, as its' name indicates, sweeter in taste. They are normally round (almost globe in shape) and have a gloss not typically found in other varieties.

Colors: Sugar pumpkins are a bright orange with a gloss/shine that other pumpkin varieties don't possess.

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Butternut squash, Kabocha squash

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