Cayenne Pineapple


It is vigorous growing and bears large (about 2.5 kg), egg-shaped fruit held on a short and strong peduncle .The fruitlets or ‘eyes' are broad and flat. The flesh is pale yellow, very juicy with fairly high acid (0.5-0.9%%) and sugar (12-16° Brix). Leaves are generally smooth with occasional spines
at the tips.


Translations: Cayenne Ananasų, Cayenne Ananas, Dứa Cayenne, लाल मिर्च अनानस, Cayenne Abacaxi, Ананас Cayenne, Cayenne Ανανάς, حريف الأناناس, 카이엔 파인애플, Cayenne ananas, Cayenne Nanas, Cayenne pinya, 菠萝, Piña Cayena, Cayenne ananás, Cayenne Ananas, קאיין אננס, Цаиенне Ананас, カイエンパイナップル, Ananas Cayenne, Cayenne Ananas, Pinya Caiena, Ананас Cayenne, Cayenne Ananas, Cayenne Ананас



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