Spreadable Cheese


Whether you’ve been planning a party for weeks or spontaneously decide to have the neighbors over to watch the big game, you can count on Spreadable Cheese as a tried and true crowd favorite. The 11 varieties of Alouette add life and flavor to any gathering with fresh, creamy taste and whipped texture for easy spreading. Made from the finest and freshest ingredients and with no artificial flavors or colors, its ideal for enhancing the flavor of any entrée or appetizer.


Translations: Ziežamajiem Siers, Spreadable Sūriai, Tartinabile Brânză, Spreadable sira, Sery do smarowania, Smeerbare kaas, Spreadable पनीर, Queijo para barrar, Распространяемый сыра, Τυριά για επάλειψη, دهن جبن, Spreadable 치즈, Roztíratelné sýry, Spreadable Keju, 涂抹奶酪, Formatge per untar, Mazave Sir, Roztierateľné syry, Formaggio da spalmare, Spreadable גבינה, Bredbar ost, Спреадабле сир, 塗るチーズ, Fromage à tartiner, Schmelzkäse, Queso para untar, Поширюваний сиру, Levitettävät Juusto, Сирене за мазане


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