Ananas Reinette Apple


The Ananas Reinette (literally translated from the French as ‘Pineapple Princess’) is a small, golden apple with a pineapple flavor which originated in the Netherlands in the early 1800’s. They are notable for good acidity, crisp flesh, and the ability to keep well in storage.


Translations: Ananass Reinette Apple, Ananas Apple Reinette, أناناس Reinette أبل, Ananás Reineta Apple, Ananas Ренет Apple, Apple Reinette Ananas, パイナップルReinetteアップル, 아나나스 속의 각종 식물의 Reinette 애플, Apple Reinette Ananas, Ананас Реинетте јабука, Pinya Reinette Apple, Ananas Reinette एप्पल, אננס אפל רנט, Ananas Apple Reinette, Ananas Apple Reinette, 苹果菠萝Reinette, Ananas Ренет Apple, Ananas Apple Reinette

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, november, december
Peak: november



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